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Our process

Our Financial Planning Process

Financial Data Gathering &#38; <br/>Goals

Financial Data Gathering &

Our initial step is to work with you to gather and organize your financial data and identify your goals, aspirations, and what is most important to you.

Analysis &#38; <br/>Strategic Planning

Analysis &
Strategic Planning

Each plan is carefully analyzed by our CFP® professionals to determine strategies that can help improve your financial position and achieve your goals, now and throughout your lifetime.  From planning for income in retirement to minimizing taxes and protecting your wealth for future generations, we cover it all.

Recommendations &#38; Implementation<br/><br/>

Recommendations & Implementation

We present our recommendations and work collaboratively with you to determine the best strategies to implement that will help you achieve your goals. Once a final plan has been established, we prioritize a plan for implementation.

Monitoring <br/>Progress<br/><br/>


Financial planning is not a one-time event. Our commitment to continuous monitoring and communication sets us apart, as we proactively update the financial plan as your life evolves and your needs change. Maintaining open lines of communication allows us to provide you with ongoing advice and guidance to help you make the best financial decisions as they arise.


Our firm specializes in offering ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) investment management services tailored for 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plan sponsors through a disciplined fiduciary process. We also provide participant education customized for each plan sponsor to help your employees broaden their financial knowledge and make sound financial decisions towards achieving their retirement goals.

&#160;Investment Policy <br/>Statement (IPS)

 Investment Policy
Statement (IPS)

Our comprehensive approach includes evaluating the Plan Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which outlines objectives, duties, responsibilities, criteria for selecting and monitoring service providers, asset class diversification, benchmarks, investment selection, monitoring criteria, and documentation.

Investments &#38; Monitoring Process

Investments & Monitoring Process

Based on the IPS and our fiduciary criteria, we select investments within respective peer asset classes to establish your fund lineup. We conduct quarterly meetings to provide you with fiduciary investment monitoring reports, fund changes, and archive all data for historical reference.



As part of our commitment to transparency and best practices, we conduct annual reviews of plan service providers and fee benchmarking. Should the need arise for an RFP or change in service providers, we will conduct the RFP process for you, allowing you to remain focused on your business.

Participant <br/>Education<br/><br/>


We prioritize quarterly employee financial education meetings and webinars to enhance the financial knowledge and resources of your employees, empowering them to achieve their retirement goals. Employees also have the ability to schedule one-on-one meetings with our CFP® professionals.

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